alte münze berlin
molkenmarkt 2
10179 berlin


thursday 29.09. 18-24h

opening hours:
daily, 13-20h

curatorial statement

MENSTRUALITIES presents works by 25 artists and collectives from around the world, brought together as an assemblage that extraordinarily fuses video, CGI, photography, sound-based work, performance, sculpture, and site-specific installations – spread across 2500m² of the historic production halls of Alte Münze, situated in the heart of Berlin.

The art works selected within the framework of MENSTRUALITIES probe the definition and shape of yet unknown menstrualities for non-binary, queer and intersectional positions on body, gender and evolution. Alongside the exhibition, the Menstruation Project furthermore showcases a vibrant program composed of performances, talks, screenings and concerts.

Dive into a cosmos of diverse-inclusive perspectives on ecofeminism, contemporary witchcraft, ancient wisdom and social media activism at an intersection point that seeks to explore and shake up the discourse and aesthetic representation around the menstrual cycle as well as the societal structures it is embedded in.

meta mata

The Meta Mata performance and concert series presents FLINTA* artists who are exploring gender, sexuality, bodies, menstruation, and parenthood through a vibrant spectrum of queer-feminist music, sound and performance art.

Meta def: "denoting position behind, after, or beyond"
Mata def: "mother"

Kick-Off: 29.09.2022
Program: 02./04./08./10./11./14./15.10.2022

At Alte Münze, in the heart of Berlin.
In the Molkenmarkt Kiez, origin of the future.

Free and open to all.

Kindly funded by the Stiftung für Kulturelle Weiterbildung und Kulturberatung and the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, ein Teil von Draussenstadt.


menstrualities exhibition


Charlotte J Ward

Chris Phillips

Ellebasi Gebhardt X Oliver Holyoake

Friedemann Heckel

Gery Georgieva

Halea Isabelle Kala

Ieva Balode

Juliette Collas X Salomé Lubczanski

Karin Ferrari

Keiken X Ryan Vautier X Sakeema Crook

Lea Petříková

Lily Wittenburg

Marina Marković

Naomi Moonlion

Nataša Prosenc Stearns

Parker Day

Phuong Linh Nguyen

Rike Kreyenborg

Stacie Ant

Tabita Rezaire

Taïs Bean

Terre Thaemlitz

Virginia Lupu

Zoë Claire Miller

menstrualities program

Alejandra ‘La Bala’ Rodriguez

Ana Bathe

Ana Ornelas


Ann Antidote

Chris Phillips

Charlotte J Ward

Freddy McConnell

Jeanie Finlay

Martin Beck

Miss Immigration



Ruby May

Sasha Kills

Sofia Casa Cacao

Sophie Lazari

Zahava Mandelbaum

The Darvish

meta mata performances & concerts


Ariel Hayun


Frau Fisch

Gery Georgieva

Heart Chor



Juliette Collas

Kyle Patrick


Pyramid Party

Salomé Lubczanski

The Yonis

Zoë Claire Miller

& Special Guests


The space is wheelchair accessible.

If you are in need of any special assistance within the exhibition or at one of the events (sign language interpretation, etc.) please let us know beforehand, so we can arrange accordingly.